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The American Buffalo

Just Released:


In a small aldeia...deep in the Brazilian Amazon...Black Jesus lives...

And, when a ruthless gang kills the local priest...

It's time for Him to intervene.

He must take-on the outlaws...using prayer, hope, love, lies, manipulation, deceit, the confession chamber...

and  "God's mysterious ways..."

to unite all, and rid the town of the evil.


 A story of The Christ - for non-believers...


Um História do Mato

LB book Cover.png

Little Bear, is a story about finding Jesus...For those like me, who needed a road map.


Through childhood, Abel was raised by his father in the teachings of Christ, with scripture and hard work. After his father’s passing, it’s Abel’s faith and values that keep him going. Then, one afternoon, walking in the woods he finds an orphaned bear cub.


Dedicating years to raise Little Bear, Abel develops his skills, turning him into a full-grown independent adult. Years later, Abel continues his walk with Christ, but is confronted with his worst nightmare. As if his entire life; all the skills and knowledge he’s learned have prepared him to face the challenge, now he must place everything in God’s hands, willing to sacrifice all in a fight for life and death.

Did you ever do something out of the ordinary and wonder why?
Cover Deisng 1a.png


Trovatore - 1

A Visit by Anansi 

After a lifetime of servitude -- devotion to God, Country & various Mafias and gangs...

An unknown agent...topples a Latin American government -- only to create the Western hemisphere...


Then, infiltrates the United States of America...


Then, the real torture begins...

This is a - modernized - re-telling of Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix's rise to power.

Entre Nois Dois - Cover 1aaa.png

When a Latino-American law enforcement officer fights crime...that's not all he has to fight.

Sometimes, if you let go, for just a moment...
That's all it takes.

Fingers slip and father and son lose contact.
The distance grows. It swiftly turns into a void, a valley, then a canyon.

Divided by law - and when all hope is lost - the fight has just begun.

But there's no alternative...

This is a fight a father must win!

Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Cover Design.jpg

One day...Charlie Nelson awoke.

​He found himself in his the Deep South, East Texas, and realized there was something wrong.


​He reunited with his real family…And, they chose to sacrifice.


In the end, they lost fight a battle that couldn't be won, against an enemy that dwells within us all.


​There were no rewards, no medals, nothing…


​But they had faith, faith in an ancient Native American proverb, that when great sacrifice is given in battle, the spirit of that sacrifice rises-up to heaven, then searches, until it finds your enemy's nemesis…to fight on! And the greater the sacrifice, the more powerful it becomes

Book Cover Finished.png

Return to Chaos (χάος)

The Masonic/Nazi Connection



How I infiltrated the most powerful domestic terrorist cell in the US; The Central Texan FreeMason/Aryan/Nazi cell, and outed its leader – the Headmaster Mason – and the Aryan Brotherhood generals inside and outside of jail, and established the connection between the two gangs…


And how they create and operate school shooters and mass murderers, using an old CIA Project – Artichoke/MK Ultra – to control society, in these United States of America, and how to identify if your child has become one of their victims.

Cover Image1a.png

This story happened in a place called


In 1997, a Brazilian family took me in...& lived in one of their empty houses.

I didn't know they had a daughter. The mother hid everything that would remind her...of the girl.

I returned to the US, but the following year, I went back to São Paulo...& I spent 1 night in the family's main a guest room...and I was visited by a ghost.

The following morning, I asked the girl's brother,

"What happened in that room?"

This is the story I was told.

...and the aftermath...of her life.

From that event I swore an oath...that when I die...if I make it to heaven, and Juliana isn't there...I'll march to hell - find her...and we'll climb-out....and wait - together - in purgatory, for

The Judgement Day

FTTT - Cover Design 1a.png

The year is 1994 and the de Souza family is about to experience a rollercoaster of emotions – as a matter of fact – all of Brazil will live through an epic journey of two and a half months, that tests their heart, from the depths of despair; the tragedy of losing a national hero, then through all phases of doubt – gathering the pieces back together, to rise again, back to the top, to the pinnacle of pride; a triumph of national passion!

Cover - English.PNG

A man. A woman. Both married. A chance encounter that leads to romance. Dallas and Gabriela meet only twice, but vow to divorce their spouses, reunite in Brazil, and marry each other. Except, when Dallas tries to leave, his wife climbs out on the ledge of their apartment and threatens suicide while their young son plays in the other room.


Dallas has no choice but to break his promise to Gabriela. But he never forgets her.

An angry confession, a second chance: Dallas's unfaithful wife confesses that she had no intention of taking her own life. Now free, he searches for Gabriela, but she's the mother of two, and wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart.

A dangerous pursuit: Everyone warns Dallas to give up, but he can't. He must risk everything to look in Gabriela’s eyes one last time and fulfill the vow he made sixteen years before.


In the wake of social disillusionment and utter contempt for peers, Velayas abandoned everything. “I went South in search for destiny, freedom, soul, God or my demise. And after a relentless trek through Latin America, South of the Orinoco, down the Amazon, descending the coast of Brazil, South of Corcovado, I found myself living on the streets of São Paulo. I went South ‘til I ran out of money. I lived in the gutters as a vagabond reading classic poetry: Lord Byron, Keats and Poe. They were my fellow exiles. I consumed nothing but devoured verse, dreams, visions and I became a citizen of the world. For nobody believed I was an American. For who, sacrificing such comforts would live as I: wretched poor! And it was there I found my soul, my God, my destiny; there in the gutters!”

Light in the Forest cover - Copy (2) - Copy.jpg

Deep in the Amazon, a village of rubber tappers struggle against the changing world...

These are the people. This is the simplicity of their way. They’re not political, nor radical, but simple, humble and superstitious, a tradition of sorts, like their ritual, ‘Light in the Forest.’

Upcoming Titles: 

Cover 1a.png

In 1995, I met a Caracañan on Margarita Island, Venezuela.

For 1 year, she was my world.

And no matter who tried to tear us apart -- there was no stopping us.

This is our unfiltered true story...

As beautiful and as ugly as we were...Perfection. 

Time didn't erase our passions.

Jaxsy Cover 1A.jpg

The classic tale of love struck adolescents from feuding families -- and the different styles and timeless.

From the Greek story of Pyramus and Thisbe, to Shakespeare's Romeo & the West Yorkshire moors version, Emily Bronte's Wurthering New York's variation, Arthur Laurents' West Side Story...

Now - Texas has it's own version...



Three cowboys travel to the Sunni Reservation in New Mexico, to trade for a horse, but find what they believe to be a mestizo child, in the clutches of a dead man.

Jaxsy is stolen away...and raised as a cowboy, growing-up hard and fast, but in a twist of fate finds himself at odds with Mr. Armstead, when he and the owner’s daughter Christine, fall in love.

Cast-out of the only home he’s known -- after the death of his adopted father, Koot, Jaxsy disappears…

A decade later he returns, having realized who he is, a full-blooded Indian…He’s hellbent on the destruction of the Armsteads, the cowboys that raised him and his beloved Christina. As savage as the Indians that fought the Wild West, nothing will stop his revenge!


Jaxsy is a tragedy of Greek proportions, set against West Texas of the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. A deadly game of high-stakes poker, for Honor…The Right of a Lady’s Love…and The Empire Ranch.


A prostitute that adopts an unwanted baby...

A man defends the homeless...

A Mexican Cartel, saves a family...

Dead children...

Abducted teens...

​Two detectives in despair...

An endless hunt for a mass murderer...

An innocent Police Officer in prison...

A child sentenced to death...

A homeless man sacrifices his life...

Americans, forced to live in exile, return home...

An abused; crippled baby that grows into a woman...


Families, hiding in suburbs...

A coward gives his life...


...and Sanctuary below The Redeemer...


All form The Body of Christ. 

HiMoG 1a.jpg

Hell is Made of Gold


A história do Aleijadinho, Tiradentes, Maria I de Portugal, Manuel Francisco da Costa Lisboa, sua mãe, escrava Isabela, Chico o Rei da África...e do Ouro Preto, Minas Gerias...a faísca que criou um país.  

Back Cover Design 1a.png




In the 1960s a high-ranking member of Military Intelligence leaked the mind control project (Artichoke) to the private a secret society...which used it to control the US.

In 1974 a Congressman broke down the most secret corridors of our highest institutions - and a member of the CIA took the identities of its Field Agents to the rooftop and made a bonfire. He was swiftly put to death.

The Field Agents became unidentifiable. They went rouge.

​Little Devil Troubadour - is the chronicle of their various attempts to stop the secret society from creating a permanent upper-class and slave-class - like that which China, India and Russia currently have - in these United States, using the leaked project.

Next in Line - The Spaniard - Don Quijoto charges with his lance 2a.png


Trovatore - 2

Next in line - The Spaniard -
Don Quijote Charges with His Lance

The Irishman - Finnigas Launches an Arrow 3a.png


Trovatore - 3

The Irishman Finnegas...

Launches an Arrow!

Cover 4 - Now - The Trojan Horse 1a.png


Trovatore - 4

Now - The Trojan Horse Bucephalus

Last Chance - West Coast Bloods 5a.png


Trovatore - 5

The Last chance...

Soldato della Vendetta

The Soldier of Vengeance

of the WestCoast's BloodS...

The Death Spiral - 6.png


Trovatore - 6

Death Spiral

Rise! - 7.png


Trovatore - 7


Anchor 1
Kelly M. Velayas - Copy.jpg


Velayas was taken to Venezuela at the age of seventeen. He arrived two years after Hugo Chaves' failed coup d'etats. The young Velayas watched for three years, from 1994 to 1997, as the country fell under communist control.

Velayas relocated to Brazil at twenty, traveling down the Amazon, then the coast to São Paulo. Living in Brazil off and on for twenty years.

Velayas' ancestors include a Warden of San Quentin prison, cowboys in Wyoming, performers in vaudeville, actors in Hollywood, soldiers in the Civil War, WWI, WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. His great-grandmother crossed the plains by covered wagon with five children, settling in Modesto, California, where Velayas was born.


He’s worked as a clerk, teacher, filmmaker, lineman, ditch digger, and cable guy, in the US, Brazil, Venezuela, Paraguay, and a Caribbean island.

Velayas calls Texas home.

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