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This is a – review – of the typical characteristics of a child under – Project Artichoke/MKUltra, or who have been psychologically abused, to weaken their mind, for them to be susceptible to suggestions.


The reason I am doing this – is obvious – we must stop school shooters…and it’s evident,  that the Freemasons have this technology – and are using it to create school shooters, and mass murderers, for their purpose: to control society.


The following notes are important, and help bring to light why these school shooters and mass murderers were (and are) created.


*Note: The 33rd degree of Freemasonry is the study of the original, unedited, epic of Gilgamesh, which is the founding ideology of racism in Western Culture.


*Note: The name, “Free” Mason – is not historically accurate. Their name is actually, “the Masons.” The connotation that they’re “Free,” is derived from the historical fact, that they’re known as, “evil,” and not permitted to exist in decent civilization; cultures; societies.


*Note: The Masons control(led) the Nazis, the Confederacy, the neo-Nazis, Aryan Brotherhood, the Ku Klux Klan, the American Medical Association, much of our military and law enforcement community, and all the immigrants from India – whom are given great power and influence in our country, over African Americans and Latinos, because they serve the Masons; that of xenophobia; “the purity of the white race,”  and the purity of their own race – which serves the Mason’s purpose: “If each race doesn’t mix, the white race will stay pure.”


*Note: The “Nazis” are represented by Enkidu in the original text of the Epic of Gilgamesh, a servant of the main character (Gilgamesh, which is an analogy of the Masons), and explains the true nature/relationship between the Masons and the Nazis. This fact has not changed since the creation of the Masons, in ancient Sumer (the Sumerians) – approximately 20 thousand years ago.


*Note: The swastika is a symbol (equal to the goosestep: march of the Nazis) of ancient Sumer (the Masons), and it represents the maniacal control of society, by-way of humanities Achilles heel; our susceptibility to influence/mind control.


*Note: The Eastern Stars, and most all clubs and college sororities fall under the dominion of the Masons, and they practice; train in the art – historically known as, “Witchcraft.” The science of mind manipulation, for the purpose of control (controlling society: people and institutions). And with this ancient art; this science, is the ritual of Earthly worship; also known as, “Satan.”

*Note: The creation (and actions) of Salvador Ramos was retaliation by the Masons, for protecting, and allowing Mathew McConaughey to live and grow-up in Uvalde, Texas; whom married a dark Brazilian woman, and promoted equality…and defends all, homosexuals included. Likewise, the actions of Charles Whitman – whom was placed under Artichoke while in the Marines – was retaliation against the University of Texas, for becoming liberal…

Project Artichoke: The "Art" of "i" kill – by way – of "Choke" choking...


This name is derived from the initial – gag reflex – created when the esophagus of the victim contracts when his or her Vagus nerve – relaxes, or becomes numb, when a “Freemason Assassin,” takes control of the individual’s mind.


Doctors call it a "Dis-functional" or "Damaged" Vagus nerve...and all characteristics; symptoms typical of that diagnosis – the individual will also have...


Fluctuations/inconsistent blood pressure and heart rate.


Numbness in the outer limbs, that will also fall asleep and lose blood-flow.


Of course, the poor gag reflex, as mentioned before.


Often, there will be an eye twitch, when the eye sees something complex, and the subconscious begins to work/think. And, if you ask the person a question, and he or she begins to think – their eyes will dilate unilaterally, or act independent.


The dilation will be more prominent, the more the person concentrates. The more complex the question, the more dilation, or independent they will act.


Another note: The most effective Project Artichoke mass murderers have extreme intelligence.


MKUltra – “Mind – Kill – Ultra” – is the continuation of Project Artichoke. It is not a different project.


MKUltra is when the CIA learned and added – the controlling aspects (of the body) to Project Artichoke.


This includes – controlling blood pressure – heartrate – the ability to wake the conscious mind from comas – and sleep – control of the digestive system – to extract or release his or her intestines – if and when poisoned – also, raising (creating) heightened awareness, and reactions, and reflexes – so the subconscious mind acts before a thought. Also, the control of dreams, to make the assassin – physically active in sleep, while the host/subject will simulate physical activity – and contract muscles…and in theory work-out while unconscious.


Also, how to shut these systems down – to go dormant.  


But, there are many side effects – and red flags – the host will have a consistent/noisy abdomen, as the intestines constantly adjust under natural pressure, without direction from the “Numb Vagus Nerve.”


Fluctuations with heartrates – and blood pressure…


Note: For example – the Freemasons – can give someone under this project a heart attack, or even a stroke…




The individual will always be suicidal – if pursuing an objective, that was placed into his or her subconscious. Whatever – the host – was programmed to do – they would rather die (sacrifice their life) than not accomplish their programmed goal. 



What is a Free Mason – ToeHold?


The Free Masons’ process of obtaining a soul, is simple:


First step: Guilt rid a mother – or father – to allow their higher-ranking members (doctors, psychiatrists, Military Intelligence) to systematically/psychologically abuse their children.


But quite often, that isn’t done. The bold, highly respected man or women, will just do it, right in front of everyone – for all to see. 


The abuse is very simple, and easy to do.


It’s a system of questions and physical contact, usually to the neck and or abdomen of the child, or the inner thigh. 


The questions – are a process – to generate a thought in the child – in their mind – then the physical contact – a jab to the belly or neck, or lower gut – is so powerful, an instinctual response ensues. 


What this does, is teach the child’s mind to not think about what was just asked. So, if a man or woman asks your son or daughter a mathematical equation, then jabs their body, know he or she, is placing mental blocks in the child. This can also be done by screaming, and also turning on and off lights, while asking questions. 


Each creates – an instinctual traumatic event – a negative response within the child. And when combined with the question, it destroys that portion of the conscious mind – making it inaccessible to the child for the rest of their lives. 


And the child, will not be good in math (or the specific subject they were being questioned about, when the physical harm was done).


But, here’s the thing – the child’s mind doesn’t lose that part of their brain. They cannot use it consciously, but it is still there…


That part of the brain, is moved into the subconscious. So, the child’s mind – that is – his or her uncontrolled mind – their subconscious mind, will be able to do incredible calculations, without him or her knowing it. 


In other words, the child’s subconscious will be able to calculate things they themselves cannot, using their conscious mind.


Why is this important?


The child will be able to understand very difficult subliminal messages, and those messages will go into the mind, to the deepest depths of their subconscious. 


And, if a psychiatrist can get to a very young child. Let’s say, an infant, and place almost his or her entire conscious mind, into the subconscious, because the younger the subject, the more sensitive to physical contact, then what enters his or her subconscious, will manifest without possible deviation. 


It will be – that the victim’s entire faculty will be dedicated to his or her subconscious, and what’s placed within it. This is how – the Freemasons, (including Doctors) with the assistance of the Aryan Brotherhood, law enforcement, and ex and even current members of the US Military, create mass murderers and school shooters.




Why the psychedelic drug – LSD – and other hallucinogenic drugs were created…


This is very simple.


It’s very difficult to place a subject/host – a victim – under Project Artichoke (numb their Vagus Nerve) – if the majority of their conscious mind is not in their subconscious. In other words: if the victim was not abused as a child, and "The ToeHold" to control their mind was not established, and they have the majority of their conscious mind intact – then LSD (a hallucinogen) is introduced.


This drug stimulates and confuses the subconscious and conscious mind – so dreams become real – and at this time – the Freemason, “Assassin,” whom is usually an ex-member of Military Intelligence, will be able to relax the Vagus nerve, and take control of the individual’s mind.


Slipping drugs into liquids – for the victim to drink – takes on a far more ominous aspect, as you can imagine...


The victim, won't even choose to use an illicit drug – and their entire life will be stolen from them, and thus, they enter – what The Freemasons call, “The Carnival of Souls,” without choosing, or even knowing it…


*Note: The Freemason’s Carnival of Souls, is an imaginary place, where, “Chattels,” human possessions are kept in limbo; in a sort of purgatory, as the Freemasons decide what those individuals will become: sex slaves, homosexuals, transvestites, murderers, homeless, etc…


Below is a review of a “Textbook” case – of Creating a Project Artichoke Mass Murderer:  Salvador Ramos.


He was another “Victim” of the – Robb Elementary School shooting – on May 24, 2022, in Uvalde, Texas, United States...

Salvador Ramos 1a.png

Do you see Salvador Ramos' – right eye – in the above image:  The CIA calls this a, “Lazy eyelid” and it is a typical characteristic of:  – Project Artichoke/MKUltra –


The reason this happens is the side of the brain – that is working subconsciously – when information is fed into his mind (the side of the brain that was attacked as a child – and placed into the subconscious; usually the dominant side of the brain) – that eye – moves/it twitches, as the subconscious thinks and analyzes information.


After years, the eyelid becomes, “Lazy.”


The fact that Mr. Ramos – in this picture – already has the Lazy eyelid – means:  


1) A great deal of information had already been placed into his subconscious mind. Possibly, everything he would do at the school, and the mental changes he experienced that lead-up to his, “act”…and he only needed to be, “triggered.”


2) It also means, when this picture was taken, his subconscious was dormant.


3) I also believe – Mr. Ramos could have been abused; the “ToeHold” placed within him, at a very young age, possibly as young as 2-years old.


Okay – notice – in the above image – his portrait: as an older teen, Mr. Ramos doesn’t have the lazy eyelid - or it's less prominent?


This means his subconscious is working. It was active.


Before it was dormant.


And here – in the images below – is the “typical/textbook” – sexual confusion of the project (Project Artichoke/MKUltra) – which is done to create a shame/hell – psychological issues: Embarrassment, humiliation…dishonor…that will create ridicule – in school – with his friends, and at the White/Puritan Churches…which will manifest the anger/hatred, to impel/force/generate, the emotions needed to kill.


This is normal/textbook Project Artichoke – in creating a – school shooter/mass murderer.


Note: The evil done by – Free Masons – to Salvador Ramos – and other such individuals, is beyond comprehension.


It’s designed this way. To create fear. For all to submit.


Salvador Ramos – lost everything – and he lost it when he was very young. He was tortured.


Because he was so intelligent – because he was so gifted – when these gifts were moved from his conscious mind into his subconscious – he was trapped.


His own intelligence became his prison. It was like a child fighting a giant monster in his mind. It was impossible to escape. His subconscious was so powerful, and his “Self,” or conscious was too weak.


In my opinion – Mr. Ramos – was a victim, and most likely a genius! 


There's no telling what he could have become.


Note: Most – autism – is also created by Freemason  – white men and women, and Doctors from India – as punishment for refusal to submit to the Freemasons/White Supremacist authority.



Note: “If,” you suspect, or identify your child; their pupils dilate when they think/concentrate – take them to a Catholic Church, and give the Priest the universal Artichoke identifying gesture. Point to the right eyeball, while standing behind your child.


And if the priest recognizes, that your child is, in fact under mind control, enter in contact with the FBI. They will begin their investigation, to identify the individual who psychologically abused your child.


Continue to take your child to the Catholic Church, to help him or her. The Puritan Churches will not assist your child as they are aligned/under control of the Masons. This evil is exactly why – historically, the Masons are not allowed in the Catholic Church.


More information will be added, and available on this site, and in my upcoming book.



The Masons and all their aligned secret societies, with the American Medical Association – doctors, white supremacists, in Law Enforcement, white school teachers whom also identify these abused children, stay quiet for two reasons:


1) They fear retribution, if they stand-up and do the right thing.


2) They are part of the power structure and benefit from it’s corruption/control. They might have a fake job, what I call a, “Sit in chair and talk job,” and they’re very simply, “Paid to keep quiet.”


The worst part, most know and hide the obvious – they refuse to speak about the crimes, and they keep this abuse and the results of the abuse: the School Shooters – a secret. They perpetuate – they assist – they hide the crime – they aid and abet the killings.


I have personally seen with my own eyes, 6 law enforcement officers/jail guards identify an inmate under project Artichoke, and I’ve seen 4 ex and active-duty US Military identify individuals, in society under the project, but by law, because it is illegal for the CIA to operate this defunct project, all law enforcement, ex and current law enforcement are obligated to contact the FBI and CIA (anyone in the US, can contact the Texas Rangers also), about the individual. But they don't do it. They break the law -- aid and abet these killings.


The Doctors, psychiatrists and Military Intelligence Officers, that are aligned with the Masons, abuse these children to place the ToeHold in them – that weakens the mind, and then, over years, creates/manifests/turns the child into a murderer…and everyone stays quiet.


And they do this, as a demonstration/a warning…of the maniacal evil that will destroy a community if someone is allowed to disobey the Mason's commands.

Possible end of school shootings

Now, the second time I was in jail in 2023, a middle-aged man killed a judge in Williamson County, where I was being held.

Judge Carnes and his wife, was killed by their son Seth Carnes.

Look at Seth’s right eye. He has the lazy eyelid.

Screenshot 2024-05-26 at 16-22-42 Former Texas Judge and Wife Found Murdered Son Arrested and Charged 'Deeply Distressing Incident'.png

Now, I’m not saying Seth was under mind control, or project Artichoke when he killed his parents – I don’t know. I didn’t examine him.


Now – many people think this subject is taboo – and I shouldn’t discuss it, or writing about it – but you see, that’s why school shooters persist.


That’s why Free Speech is so important. The most important aspect of it – is the discussion of taboo subjects – to stop bad things from happening…


When we speak about terrible things/crimes, it defuses them.


How else are we going to end school shootings, if we don’t talk about their cause?


Then again, that’s the purpose of taking away free speech – so we can’t stop the crimes that are being committed against us.



~          ~          ~



So, the most important aspect about Seth’s killing his parents is this: If Seth was under project Artichoke, when he did it – and if the Masons and Eastern Stars did place the ToeHold in him – then it falls inline with how this Secret Society control politics and our judicial system.


They abuse the children of those in power.


It appears that Seth was one of their chattels.


You see, Judge Carnes was given power, but he had to allow the Masons to turn his son into their pawn. Either that, or they did it without the judge’s consent.


Regardless, the children of those given power, hold their own parents hostage…


Now, if Seth was a project Artichoke victim – who programmed him to kill his parents?


I have no idea.


What was the purpose of programming him to do it?


And, was that act the end of school shootings?


Meaning: (If) whomever programmed Seth to kill his father and mother, did so, to stop the Masons and Eastern Stars from creating school shooters, then the Masons must be afraid that their chattels; their human possessions, might be turned against them by those who want to stop the attacks.


You see, those who the Masons created, to hold those in power, under their control, are being turned against the Masons.


The evil has been turned inward, and is destroying itself.



~          ~          ~



How did I establish the connection between the Masons and the Aryan Brotherhood/KKK/and neo-Nazis?


Firstly, the connection is in the Mason’s most secret ritual, the reading of, The Epic of Gilgamesh, but that is theory, and can only by formally established if someone investigates and gets testimony from the Masons…


The theory was proven in courts and jail cells – dealing with police officers, judges and jail guards.


The judges order and protect those that serve them.


The fact that the Aryan Brotherhood (inmates) control male prostitution in Texas jails, and many others, can only be done with the cooperation of the jail guards and judges.


The only people rapes in jails, are those that the jail guards order to be raped.


The Masons control the judgeships and the politics of the country, while they coordinate with their street gang: the Aryan Brotherhood.



~          ~          ~



Incidences of extreme criminality by judges and jail guards:


A Judge McWilliams of Williamson County, Texas – while at a Magistrate Hearing, told other inmates, that I had attacked a pregnant woman. I was charged with harassment and trespass.


Also, in Williamson County, I saw a jail guard smuggle drugs into the jail, and gave it to a member of the Aryan Brotherhood, then ordered that inmate to drug and rape an inmate.

In jail the most dangerous people aren't the inmates - but the jail guards, whom order the inmates to commit crimes against each other.

Aryan Brotherhood Jail guards also work with Trustees, to commit various crimes against inmates; using pedophiles as tools...

Judge Hathcock and Judge Arth, issued Court Orders and refused to enforcement them – all the while working with Lawyer Kevin Deitz – my lawyer Alfonso Hernandez, and a Court Supervisor, to throw me in jail to be raped, because I identified a member of the Aryan Brotherhood in court, which exposed their criminal network.

The Masons have total autonomy/power – whomever works in the judicial system – regardless of race – must obey their commands, or share my fate.

The evil is out of control…

The xenophobia ideologies of the Masons is the true reason there has not been an African American or Latino governor in any of the Southern states…

*And, as I mentioned before – white law enforcement’s refusal to follow the law and report Artichoke victims to the CIA and FBI.

Upcoming Book...

FM Cover 1aa.png

Return to Cháos (χάος)

The Masonic/Nazi Connection



How I infiltrated the most powerful domestic terrorist cell in the US; The Central Texan FreeMason/Aryan/Nazi cell, and outed its leader – the Headmaster Mason – and the Aryan Brotherhood generals inside and outside of jail, and established the connection between the two gangs…


And how they create and operate school shooters and mass murderers, using an old CIA Project – Artichoke/MK Ultra – to control society, in these United States of America, and how to identify if your child has become one of their victims.

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