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Alter ego

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Bio – Steven Dunning de Leon



Stephen Dunning de Leon – a pseudonym for: Stepanov Egrov Kuznetsov – born in Kirov, of the former Soviet Union, 1942. Appointed Head Guard at the Berlag Siberian Labor Camp – served with distinction – received Russia’s highest honor, the Order of Saint Andrew, presented by Nikita Khrushchev – Nov. 23, 1963.


During the Cold War, he abandoned post, denounced Soviet Citizenship, then made his way to Europe, worked as a security guard at the Berlin Olympics – Sept. 1972 – El Salvador in the 80s – Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela in the 90s – entering the US through Mexico – arriving in New York City, Sept. 12, 2001.


De Leon is believed to have been associated with the KGB – in some capacity – a specialist in population control – misinformation – decoy narratives – and claims to know of black operations conducted within the US by terrorist cells to influence/usurp power, in favor of foreign countries, most notably, the infiltration of Hollywood and Washington DC by the most powerful intelligence agency in the world – that of Belize.


De Leon’s controversial statement, “Communism, Socialism and Fascism are not political systems or styles of governance – they are the same idea – philosophical conspiracies created by the predecessor of the KGB to disarm citizens, topple governments, to take control of countries through their criminal elements; their gangs!” This caused many to question his sensitivity to higher learning, at America’s top universities.


De Leon became a US citizen – Nov. 4, 2020 – and works as a special consultant to various defense related agencies, providing crucial information in times of high-risk.


Among his titles are children’s books – Introduce your Child to Racism Like You Would Ice Cream – Mommy, My Hero is a Transvestite – The Baby that Crawled in From the Cold, and Red is My Favorite Color.


When an 11-year-old-white kid from Northern California made friends with a streetwise black kid - they changed the course of history.

Did Tyrell Jackson somehow know how the life of his childhood friend - Steven de Leon - would end-up - 34 years before?

Follow an epic journey across two continents - as the world/and the enormous racism and prejudice that exists in the US - especially throughout the South is revealed - as our naive protagonist - whether by accident/stupidity/or carefully calculated plan, penetrates and exposes the walls of segregation...

Then, after years - the epic showdown is played-out in a card game - where the dividing lines are drawn - the obstacle course/the chessboard/the lies/the manipulation - the weapons that white supremacists use/and how they attack their marks/those they believe are weaker/and inferior to them -- are revealed...

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